SBC 100

The SBC 100 has been developed to square blocks in block yards and cut benches on the quarry ground.
It is a self-propelled machine, mounted on a crawler-tracked carriage which has a two moving speed command to ensure accurate placement and quick movements in the quarry site.
A rack located between the carriage and the machine allows the SBC100 to rotate through 360º, which means enabling lateral movement. This is very useful when manoeuvring the machine into narrow spaces and when changing position to make several cuts.
Moreover, both the rack and the horizontal motion given by the slewing platform speed up and ease the placement of the cutting arm on the ideal cutting line, without steering correction.
All SBC 100 movements such as cutting, moving and chain speed adjusting are made by a remote control. The operator can move freely and he can verify exactly the positioning of the arm on the block.
A powerful silent diesel engine guarantees total motion autonomy all through the different steps of the task.
One stabiliser cylinder is located at each of the four corners of the SBC100, allowing the correct alignment with the cutting line to be carried out on the block.
The SBC 100 represents an ideal solution to square blocks directly in the quarry site, reducing time waste, without using any water to cool the cutting area, and employing only one person, in a completely autonomous way. The SBC is a project wholly designed and developed by Officine Garrone, and it is not an application for existing equipment. Thus, we have exclusive responsibility for the product and direct contact with the final customer. Moreover, all components and the hydraulic system derive from our well tested models, and they are not an adaptation of parts or equipment designed for other uses.