The Company - Structure

Garrone workshop

Today Officine Garrone is run by Garrone family, differs from others in the sector in that it is fully autonomous.


It designs and produces all its machinery and accessories on its own premises in Carasco. This is made possible by having a Technical Department that strives to produce machines that are ever more robust, easy to use and accurate in every detail. This is also due to the use of ever more cutting edge technology used to machine parts such as numerically controlled work units, lathes, and milling machines, making it possible to produce a finished product of consistently high quality.

In recent years, given the constant expansion of the Company especially on foreign markets, a specific commercial department has been set up that manages a network of representatives / distributors and service centres worldwide. This means that the Garrone brand is known not only in Italy but also abroad as being synonymous with reliability, quality, and high performance.

Our service policy has always been to provide clients with answers and spares within a very short period of time. For us, whether a Client is an international or a small Company, they are always dealt with carefully and quickly.