The Company - History

Garrone workshop

Garrone workshop is in the new industrial area in Carasco, Liguria, near the slate area in Val Fontanabuona.
It was founded in 1970 by Franco Garrone as a company specialising in manufacturing small chain saws and other the years it has grown to become a leading Company in this sector.


Franco Garrone’s aim, and that of his sons that now manage the firm started by their father, was always to grow the Company by constantly designing new chain saws and cutting systems, with a view to satisfying the different needs of their clients.

Garrone, which has always been known for its reliable, sturdy machines and its willingness to meet all its Clients’ needs, can safely be said to be a Company that, despite having constantly improved its market segment over the years, has been able to take an industrial mentality on board and maintain direct, close relations with its Clients and those it works with.

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